Explicit Grammar Instruction

Hands-On Grammar provides English learners and English-only students with comprehensive grammar instruction where students are not just learning grammar in an isolated context, but are using it to perform the functions of language, such as describing actions, expressing preferences, comparing and contrasting, classifying, and so forth.

  • Standards-based instruction
  • Covers the language structures required at the early intermediate through intermediate proficiency levels
  • Covers 15 grammatical forms
  • Aligns to Common Core State Standards for grammar
  • Teacher’s guide includes background knowledge and step-by-step directions to introduce lessons
  • Emphasizes subject-verb and pronoun-antecedent agreement
Practice Activities

With rich picture support, the activities maximize the capabilities of the SMART™ Notebook software and features of the interactive whiteboard so that teachers can get the most out of this technology. Activities are scaffolded to provide students with support, gradually releasing the responsibility to students with more demanding and challenging tasks.

  • Offers rigorous instruction and practice activities
  • Reduces teacher preparation time in creating, researching, and finding interactive whiteboard content that addresses standards
  • Maximizes your investment in interactive whiteboard technology
  • Allows teachers to use lessons in numerous ways and occasions—to introduce, review, refine, and revisit
  • Provides flexibility in instruction by allowing whole class or small group instruction

Oral Language Development

Grammar instruction includes oral language development through the use of sentence frames. Open-ended activities allow all students to participate.

  • Provides scaffolding for students to achieve higher levels of accuracy
  • Encourages creative language output
  • Develops vocabulary
  • Teacher’s guide provides discussion prompts and starters to stimulate oral language
Games for Reinforcement

At the end of each unit, consolidate concepts and skills students have learned with fun games that the whole class can play. While having fun and competing as teams, students are also making use of their new skills, reinforcing grammatical rules, and practicing subject-verb agreement.

Writing Extensions

Writing extensions provide concrete ways for students to practice using grammar and to strengthen the new concepts they’ve learned. Each unit includes one or more writing extension that includes a writing sample as a model for students to follow.