Getting a Handle on Grammar
Hands-On Grammar provides standards-based comprehensive and explicit grammar instruction for students in grades 1-5.

Maximizing the capabilities of the SMART™ Notebook software and interactive whiteboard technology, the lessons provide students with multiple opportunities to practice grammar in authentic and academic situations with a focus and emphasis on oral language development.

With Hands-On Grammar, students learn by dragging, writing, and manipulating objects and text on the interactive whiteboard. This movement creates another pathway to memory that helps students internalize grammar concepts while making grammar fun!

The organization by parts of speech allows lessons to be easily integrated into any existing English Language Arts or English Language Development (ELD) curriculum. All units address English language proficiency standards and English Language Arts Common Core State Standards for grammar.

15 Areas of Grammar—Over 220 Activities
Hands-On Grammar covers 15 areas of grammar with over 220 different activities (over 380 pages). In addition to its hands-on learning features, the activities provide:

The 15 units of grammar covered are:

For Both English Learners and English-Only Students
Designed specifically for English language learners, Hands-On Grammar can also supplement English-only ELA instruction.

The units focus on grammatical structures where English learners, as well as some English-only students, often make so-called "fossilization errors," or errors typical of basic-level speakers. Such errors seldom cause outright misunderstandings, so they do not prompt clarification questions in everyday discussion, but they mark the speaker as less than proficient in academic environments, where the criteria for correctness are more stringent.

With explicit explanations of the correct grammatical patterns and numerous activities that require active practice and participation by students, Hands-On Grammar helps students develop accurate patterns of language use that support both academic performance and the development of English language proficiency beyond the Intermediate level.

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Grammar
The current Common Core State Standards (CCSS) emphasize grammar knowledge in far greater depth than previous standards, strongly advocating the ability to manipulate the English language orally and in written form to achieve the highest levels of oral and written discourse. Programs that embrace explicit grammar instruction prepare both English learners and English-only students to achieve the highest level of English proficiency.

The activities in Hands-On Grammar are aligned to the grammar standards in the CCSS. In the teacher's guide, you will find a list of the standards covered in each unit, as well as the standards that correspond to each activity.

Click here to see an alignment to the Common Core State Standards for grammar.