Win Hands-On Grammar for Your School

Give us a hand! Spread the word about Hands-On Grammar for a chance to win a complete product for every interactive whiteboard-equipped classroom in your school.

How it works:
Campaign within your own school and refer as many teachers as you wish by using the sharing tools on the web site. For every colleague that registers to download a sample unit with YOU as the referee, you will receive one credit for the upcoming prize lottery on May 31, 2012. The more colleagues you refer, the better chance you and your school has of winning.

How to start sharing with colleagues:

You will also have your own unique campaign link to share, post, and e-mail whomever you wish. That’s all there is to it!

What’s the prize?
Ballard & Tighe will award the winning school with as many sets of Hands-On Grammar as there are classrooms with interactive whiteboards. So, if your school has 10 classrooms with interactive whiteboards, your school will receive 10 free and complete sets of Hands-On Grammar! A maximum of 25 sets will be awarded.

Who can win?
Any registered teacher having at least four referrals under his/her account is eligible to win.

What counts as a referral?
Referrals will only count if teacher(s) you refer registers for his or her own individual account to download a sample unit. You cannot refer teachers who have already registered for an account.

Will I count as someone else’s referral?
If someone introduced you to Hands-On Grammar, he or she will receive credit for your registration. You cannot refer that same person for credit to your own account.

How many teachers have I referred?
You can see this when you login and visit your account page.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
No, but please refer only colleagues who would be interested in using Hands-On Grammar to effectively teach their English language learners and English-only students. Please respect your colleagues’ inbox by sending no more than TWO referral e-mails to any one person over the course of the promotion.

We’ll validate all referrals to the best of our abilities.
In fairness to all schools, we will review all referrals to ensure that they:

Other rules:

We respect your privacy.
We will not sell, distribute, or share your information to any third party vendor. The information you registered with will remain private.